Annual and Evaluation Reports for Station House

It’s always good to have an outsiders view about how we are doing and this evaluation report was commissioned to capture the views of a range of people and organisations that are affected by our work.

As a charity it’s important that we know that we are making a difference, so we decided to include a calculation about how much money we save the nation in relation to how much money we cost to run. Using established systems, this reports calculates that for every £1 it cost to run it saves nearly £4. This includes things like, if a working parent had to give up work and claim benefits because they had no childcare, and how our activities that keep children fit and healthy save the NHS money.

Sometimes its difficult to put a cash amount on certain benefits, but we can prove that for every pound invested, four pounds is saved.

Station House Evaluation Report

You can view the Evaluation Report below in PDF format, It will open a new page.

Evaluation Report

Station House
Annual Report

You can view the Annual Report below in PDF format, It will open a new page.

AGM Report 2022