We are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that all our services are safe, support learning and development, and well managed. Each report highlights what we do well and suggests areas that could do with further improvement. This helps us continually improve our services.

When any establishment is inspected we get judged on a number of areas, and it can be classified as requires improvement, good or outstanding. Where there are concerns it is classed as inadequate.

Our work with parents and carers is essential for us to achieve this so any comments, help and support is more than welcome.

Ofsted report 2017

You can view the Ofsted report from 2017 below in PDF format, it will open a new page.

Unfortunately the most recent inspection identified an issue with the mismanagement of our DBS process: Any issue regarding safeguarding, no matter how trivial, gives the inspector no choice but to award an “inadequate” rating. With immediate effect the issue has been rectified and we eagerly await our re-inspection which will take place before July 2017. If you have any concerns please contact us and we can discuss the matter.

Jan 2017 OFSTED report

The report says we have the following strengths:

  • The provider is working with the local authority to identify and address weaknesses in teaching. Staff are offered professional development opportunities and teaching is improving steadily in most areas. The playrooms are a welcoming environment where children can independently access resources and make choices about their play.
  • Secure partnerships with the local children’s centre and other professionals, promote an effective network of support for children and their families. The nursery provides parents with information about groups they can attend to develop their children’s skills and healthy eating and how they can support children’s independence in self-care at home.
  • Parents are involved in monitoring their children’s progress. The nursery gives them ideas and shares resources with them to continue children’s learning. For example, all children receive a storybook to read at home.
  • Children’s behaviour is managed well. They learn that rules and boundaries are in place to keep them safe. They are encouraged to consider each other’s feelings and to be kind. Key persons help children to settle easily and to build secure relationships. Parents know who to share information with about their child’s care and learning.